Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A list to pamper myself

I know it is too early to create this list and exams have not even started yet. In order to get myself some movation and something to look forward to, I have come out with this list for my holiday.
Things to do for my year end holiday :-
1. Compile a book of Korean Cuisine Recipe
2. Try to cook at least one of the Korean dishes
3. Clean and take out all my sister's books on my bookshelf and replace them with my novels
4. Buy Harry Potter 2nd book which I have lost and Mitch Albom's "Tuesday with Morrie"
5. Practise my piano skills (my piano skills are really horrible :S)
6. Clean my sister's wardrobe and replace it with my own clothes (Haha...conquer my sisters' things)
7. Go to eat and explore somemore restaurants in Kuching.
8. Sing K at the Spring
I can only think of these so far. *Not bad...Urm...will look into these again.

Exam Phobia is back :(

Haish, my exam phobia is back. I have reached the peak of my stress level. Migraine, indigestion, weird stomach contraction and gastric, they are all coming back to haunt me. Lucky for us, this time we only have 2 papers. UKMians, good luck and strive for the best :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I walked a mile with Pleasure;
She chatted all the way;
but left me none the wiser
For what she had to say.

I walked a mile with Sorrow;
And ne'er a word say she;
But, oh! The things I learned from her,
When the Sorrow walked with me.
- Robert Browning Hamilton -

Where is my luck?

Alright, what I can say is that I really do not have the luck this few weeks or perhaps months. Sometimes, I feel that I have taken the wrong course. There are lots of unanswered questions...Why is it we have to take some of the courses? Why is it we got this lecturer though we did not chose her at first? and why is it our hard works eventually turned into bubbles? There are so many whys. All of these make me feel so dissapointed and stressed out, worse still they make me feel like I am not myself anymore. I will easily explode and feel angry. Sorry friends, if I offended you all these few days.
For her (some of you might know who I'm referring to): I really hope that someday you'll realise that what you have done have actually given people troubles, tears and stress.
This is what we can learn on how evil versus good which I read from Mitch Albom's, "Have a little faith":
"...how the same things in life can be good or evil, depending on what, with free will, we do with them. Speech can bless or curse. Money can save or destroy. Science can heal or kill. Even nature can work for you or against you: fire can warm or burn; water can sustain life or flood it away.
And this is a piece of advice giving indirectly in the book too:
"...and well, why doesn't God jump in? Why doesn't HE eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive? Because, from the beginning, God said, 'I'm gonna put this world into your hands. If I run everything, then that's not you'. So we were created with a piece of divinity inside us, but with this thing called free will, and God watches us everyday, lovingly, praying we will make the right choices."
At this moment, we can only let the Almighty takes charge of our worries and troubles. I really really hope that there will be rainbows after the rains. Let's pray hard for this, my friends...
Teaching Profession
Why is it people always think bad about this profession? I am kind of pissed off when people asked me every time, "Why do you want to enter this profession at first and particular this course which only provides you with qualification in teaching English?" and rolled their eyes. It happened yesterday again when I met my aunt's friend. She continued, "Why don't you chose something like translation then you can teach both languages?". I really felt like telling her, "Do you think we were given a choice to choose?" and "excuse me we aren't that bad at all. At least we're the chosen ones". This is really sick! May be some people that 'belongs' to this profession have bring us shame and disgrace.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A place to look forward to

Must Go Place: Everland

Another Must Go Place: Teddy bear museum

At last, I discovered something to look forward to. Academic writing is such a depressing thingy to me. I can neither move forward nor reverse. Thank God! Discovery Your Seoul spices up my life. Now, "everyone can fly". Airasia is offering low flight ticket to Seoul with departures till 4 August 2011. I knew this from my deary Mummy~ Thanks Mummy for updating me on our next year trip ;p

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mixed feelings...复杂的心情

I have mixed feelings today. Today is the 101st day after my maternal grandma passed away. It also marks a big history in my life. My beloved family has migrated to San Francisco, USA. My tears was rolling around my eye balls when I hugged my dad and bade him farewell. It caused my dad to sob too *sorry dad, your useless daughter couldn't control her emotion. I became extremely emotional when we headed to the different boarding gates to catch the different flights. Hopefully everything is okay there and I wish them best of luck.

It was raining cats and dogs today when I reached Bandar Tasik Selatan KTM station and I had this crazy though about putting 10 cent into my piggy bank each day starting by today. So,here goes my 1st 10 cents in the Japanese doll piggy bank. (Haha...mapleandclover mistresses, now I have discovered how to use this piggy bank) Ermmm...how full will it be when it reaches the day I go to visit them in US?

Perhaps the rainbow that we saw when we visited our "Popo" is a good sign that was trying to tell us it is good to let them have a try in the new place. I put all my hopes in your hands my Lord.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Aquaria + Moving to block D + so on ~

The foursome (Ah Sze, Olivia, Wawa and me ) went to Aquaria yesterday. The trip was not up to our expectation especially Ah Sze's. She rated it 5 out of 10 XD (Mind you the Genting Trip last year on 11/11/09 was rated 10 out of 10 and even Jong's Crocodile Trip was rated 6 out of 10).
Moving to another block is very tiring and now I'm still in the process of moving out those things from my room, which is soon going to be my 'ex-room'. I wonder will I get back the same room after 2 months? Hopefully, I will get back the same room because I am used to it already. Well, now I am having a difficulty to choose what are the things to be kept and what are the things to be thrown away especially shoes. I shouldn't have spent too much on them. Good bye 16F 403~

My dad told me that we are going to take some new family potraits with our beloved 'Gong Gong' this month. Potrait taking was actually one of my late grandmother's wish. Sadly, we can't fulfill her dream when she was still alive. If not, there will be 11 family members (our family together with grandpa, uncle and auntie) in those family potraits and not 10. Sometimes, I still can recall how my grandmother used to call me "Sei...La". I really miss her especially these few days. This again shows that we must not hesitate when we want to do something because we can't predict what is going to happen on the next day. “没有什么怕做不到的,只怕你不说,不做”. "Not to be afraid of failure, only have to be afraid if you feel hesitate to say and to do something"

We will be going for our practicum starting next week. Wishing all cohort 4 all the best and see you all again in July =). As for SMK Putrajaya Presint 9 (1), see you on Monday~

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Current Lovable Cartoon~"How to Train Your Dragon"

Don't you think that Toothless is cute though he has a very fierce and powerful name "Night Fury"

If you haven't watched this, I strongly recommend you to do so :P It is super nice and cute...I just love it~ but I still feel a bit sad coz intially we were planning to watch it in 3D. Nevermind, we can always watch other movie in 3D next time :D













Monday, March 29, 2010

MCQs vs T/F questions vs opened vs opened-ended questions in life

Life is difficult but this blur blur girl is still moving on wif her life...she is now very particular wif days...2 months to go and this blur blur girl will stand on the ground strongly and totally depending on herself...but she knows that there are still new things that she is gonna to face, who knows there will be plenty of interesting things waiting ahead for her *turning on positive mode after this~

Don't you think this doll looks like blurblur girl?...smiling but looks a bit blur

Well, blur blur girl thinks that life is like answering MCQ and T/F questions. Sometimes, we are given choices to choose just like answering MCQ though we are given choices but we could only choose one and bear wif the consequences of our choices. There are also times where we are to answer T/F questions when we are judging some statements or some people around us. However, what is different is that we are human , our judgement are often subjective, what is T and what is F is totally depending how we perceive things and sometimes we might overlook and 'mislook'. Now, blur blur girl learnt a lesson whenever she reacts on things she'll try to think in other people's shoes too (*actually this is what she learnt from looking at others' exp). Well, opened - ended questions is when we apply all the W,H techniques... though like answering T/F we might not given a choice but we still can use W, H questions to lead us and move on in life. Guess, blurblur girl is too obssessed with testing that's why she is perceiving life like answering questions XD.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Give Thanks^^

I couldn't sleep after I designed the welcoming poster for MUF. Although I feel so tired,weary, physically and mentally weak that I disliked myself these few days...but this few magical letters really work >>>WWJD? It woke me up from the 'misery'. I really have to give thanks. Why? It is because I'm so grateful that the posting was out on last Monday and surprisingly my wish was granted. My practicum school is same as Wawa's school =).

Alright, here I'll boast a bit about my beloved 4S (Sally, Sharon, Sophia & Sabrina). If you can't stand with me...Plz don't continue reading this post. Well, I'm really thankful that YOU rewarded me with 4 pretty & cute sisters who accompany me since young till now *perhaps YOU noticed that I was such a good girl when I was young? (reckon ppl who will be reading this sure will throw up XD but I really think that I was kind of obedient during those days)

There were a few things that I shared with 4s which are the reminiscences of my childhood.

1. Pretended that we were asleep and waited the babysitter to fell asleep then sneaked to the nearby sundry shop to buy popsicles (still can recall the taste of the popsicle & I like the corn flavor the most yummy yummy^^) *Babysitter still don't know about this XD hiekhiekhiek!

2. Cursing and making promise with each others everytime we got punished by the babysitter that we are going to hang 'Auntie' up on the fan and turn it to the full speed when she is getting older.

3. Laughed out loud when S3 fed S4 cococruch which was actually the lizard's _ _ _ _. YUCKS!

4. Pretended that we were supermen and jumped from one table to another one which eventually got ourselves a few 'Rotan Marks' on our legs...

Can't really remember much but these are a few things that remain in my memory and will still laugh out loud everytime I think of them.

Now, although we are no more like kids. (only S5 is still a kid), I still enjoy your company when we went to sing Karaoke, shopped for clothes and helped each other to look for suitable clothes to buy, camwhoring, baking and cooking. Well, now that we are going to go our separate ways, 大姐will always cares and thinks of u all. So, just try your best over there and will pray hard for your well-being.
Not to forget about my papa and mama too. Love ya!
*feel shocked and happy that suddenly my deary mummy msg and said that she loves me and take care...shy shy (blushing) thankiu,thankiu mummy!



Sunday, March 21, 2010

Assignments in progress

Reckon all my friends will share this same feeling with me...my heart is beating and beating faster now for simply this reason-----> I have 9 assignments that need me to get them done T.T...Guess I never change like always still procrastinate...this line is still fresh in my mind >>> 'I'll make sure that I will not finish my assignments last minute' Ya rite, so determined rite last time...c what happen now? Haizz... I have no comment T.T.

* just write something here coz my blog is so so dead now.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Haizz...lotsa things to worry about!

How could I do so that ppl wouldn't misunderstand me? and how could I stop offend ppl when I talk wor...Sarah...stop doing all these things lar, u're giving urself extra problems eventhough it was unintentionally @.@...lastly, one line>>>haizz...these problems really drive me crazy!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Many happy returns ^^

Just wanna say that I really enjoyed myself with all the birthday celebrations this week though they were not my birthday celebrations. I really like birthdays simply for this reason>>> there will be charming smiles around me especially the happy smiling faces of the birthday girls and the birthday boys. There are a couple of birthdays this week and now I'm going to mention it one by one =) *of coz only those tt I know plus another birthday on 13th March *which is today! >>>Eli's birthday (a handsome young man from one of our favourite Korean boy bands, U-KISS)

1) My senior, Kim Lin's birthday aka Octopus on 9th March

*btw she was enjoying her food at sushi king in this picture, such a happy girl!

2. Nik's birthday aka my only older brother in the class same as Kim's birthday on 9th March * sorry I don't have his picture*

3. My buddy, Sze Nin's birthday on 10th March

*I like her smile over here...so happy

4) My handsome shuai ge lao do's birthday on 11th March

*Don't you think my daddy is so cute? He was trying to imitate the statue of liberty

Birthday is another indication of your age but this is not so important. What is more important is that birthday also denotes that the MIGHTY ONE has given us a longer journey in life that enables us to stay 'visible' in this world. If somebody celebrates his or her 100th birthday it doesn't mean that "oh my... she or he is so(x3) old instead it simply shows that she or he is once again given a chance to live longer in this world. So this is what I'm going to shout when it reaches my turn to celebrate my birthday this year "Thanks my Lord for giving me another chance to live in this beautiful world!"

P/S: To every birthday girls, boys, men and ladies, I wish you all the best in life and always stay happy like how you were on your birthdays.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Snoopy's anatomy

My favourite snoopy and his anatomy...hiekhiek^^ I've found some close buddies that possess these few characteristics. How about you, my friends? Hopefully, I am this kind of friend and now learning to be one too...Dedication for all my buddies...Muaks love you all =) and thanks for being here with me!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

What a day... It was out of sync!

What happened to me on Saturday night? I'm still wondering about it... I seldom forget to set my alarm. So this happened today *precisely yesterday coz I forgot now is 1 sth dy, one of my buddies, Ah Sze had to wake me up this morning coz we had to go for Sunday Service... but failed at 1st...I mean she was trying so hard by knocking on my door and even called me but still I was sleeping on my cosy bed like a d*** b***...Well, I was shocked when I found out that I was late after one of my church friend called me around 9.20 am like that with Ah Sze continuosly knocking on my door. So, It had been proven that collaborative method really worked rite? hehehe. Here, I would like to apologise that I caused the late arrival at the church *to whom It may concern if you have a change to pass by here =)

We went to a potential site for our fellowship welcoming camp, STM at Seremban. We also got a chance to visit our friend since her house is just opposite STM. It is not a bad site with all the necessary facilities provided. Later, we enjoyed ourselves at Old Town White Coffee and had our dinner as well as our meeting. Met Wawa and Nad there too! ^^ *managed to escape from the 'hot' situation in my room coz UKM did not have electricity for a couple of hours.

Right now...I'm really thinking what to and how to start my assignments...and I feel like shouting *Arrgh~ so(x2) typical of me and felt really tired of trying my best in doing everthing already T.T. I still got 6 assignments to do if I'm X mistaken...All the best to me and my coursemates...Amen.

Revealing some of the pics for today's activity

Crazy shot in the van

Some parts in STM...not revealing too much about it...keep it as secret...if you want to know plz join the camp * for MUF friends^^

sksn pengsan dy too many things to do...no motivation to study & do assignments. Anyone can help me?

- Bye and Good nite all...Off for bed now...that's all for today-

Saturday, March 6, 2010

나는 다만 진짜로 진짜로 가족을 사랑한다!

Have you ever wondering this will happen to you one day? When you wake up there will be no family members around you, and a 'house' is not a 'home' anymore? Well, this few days I was thinking too much about this just because majority of my darlings at home will be moving to US soon. All this started with a phone call from my mom...and these are the details of the call.
Mummy: I'm kinda worried about you being alone at Kuching when I'm going to US with
Me : Well...There's nothing to be worried about...Erm...I think I'll go to find N.C (my bestie
at Kuching) and I'm not a kid anymore.
Anyway, one of today's lectures that evolved around this topic 'home' made me felt heavy when the lecturer talked about 'I'm one that without a hometown'. This really made me thought that I was in the same shoe as her until I couldn't control myself and rushed towards the Ladies.
Well, at that moment I hated myself so much for being so weak and for breaking the promise that I had told my mom. It had been such a long time that I perceived myself as a 'weak' person. Before this, being away from home is just like a routine for me since I was staying at my babysitter's house since I was 5 years old till form3 before moving back home after my parents got transferred back to Kuching. I had to depend on myself most of the time since I was the eldest among 13 other kids at the house. I hated it especially on weekends since I would be the one that was responsible for washing all the 14 pairs of white shoes including mine! but I didn't blame her coz if without her I think most probably I would not be so 'efficient' in doing most of my household chores now.
However, I am being put into a different situation now and it is permenant and different from last time. I would not be able to chat face to face, to eat nice food, to gossip and having my maggie supper with my papa and sisters anymore when I am going back home though there is an invention called 'aeroplane' but I'm not that rich. Everything will be quiet...There will be no shouting from me telling them to stop creating racket in the house anymore...there will be no people laughing at my lousy and rusty piano skills at home.
I guess time will be the only thing that can help me to be strong in handling this situation and I will take it as the blessing in disguise, a task that is given by the Mighty One. I also hope that my darlings will be leaving for good and hopefully everything will be alright for them =)
PS: Thanks all my bestie for your concerns & all the great time today! Being together with you all really means a lot to me!
Haha...congratz to me too! This is the second post after such a long time, hopefully i will continue blogging next time.