Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mixed feelings...复杂的心情

I have mixed feelings today. Today is the 101st day after my maternal grandma passed away. It also marks a big history in my life. My beloved family has migrated to San Francisco, USA. My tears was rolling around my eye balls when I hugged my dad and bade him farewell. It caused my dad to sob too *sorry dad, your useless daughter couldn't control her emotion. I became extremely emotional when we headed to the different boarding gates to catch the different flights. Hopefully everything is okay there and I wish them best of luck.

It was raining cats and dogs today when I reached Bandar Tasik Selatan KTM station and I had this crazy though about putting 10 cent into my piggy bank each day starting by today. So,here goes my 1st 10 cents in the Japanese doll piggy bank. (Haha...mapleandclover mistresses, now I have discovered how to use this piggy bank) full will it be when it reaches the day I go to visit them in US?

Perhaps the rainbow that we saw when we visited our "Popo" is a good sign that was trying to tell us it is good to let them have a try in the new place. I put all my hopes in your hands my Lord.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Aquaria + Moving to block D + so on ~

The foursome (Ah Sze, Olivia, Wawa and me ) went to Aquaria yesterday. The trip was not up to our expectation especially Ah Sze's. She rated it 5 out of 10 XD (Mind you the Genting Trip last year on 11/11/09 was rated 10 out of 10 and even Jong's Crocodile Trip was rated 6 out of 10).
Moving to another block is very tiring and now I'm still in the process of moving out those things from my room, which is soon going to be my 'ex-room'. I wonder will I get back the same room after 2 months? Hopefully, I will get back the same room because I am used to it already. Well, now I am having a difficulty to choose what are the things to be kept and what are the things to be thrown away especially shoes. I shouldn't have spent too much on them. Good bye 16F 403~

My dad told me that we are going to take some new family potraits with our beloved 'Gong Gong' this month. Potrait taking was actually one of my late grandmother's wish. Sadly, we can't fulfill her dream when she was still alive. If not, there will be 11 family members (our family together with grandpa, uncle and auntie) in those family potraits and not 10. Sometimes, I still can recall how my grandmother used to call me "Sei...La". I really miss her especially these few days. This again shows that we must not hesitate when we want to do something because we can't predict what is going to happen on the next day. “没有什么怕做不到的,只怕你不说,不做”. "Not to be afraid of failure, only have to be afraid if you feel hesitate to say and to do something"

We will be going for our practicum starting next week. Wishing all cohort 4 all the best and see you all again in July =). As for SMK Putrajaya Presint 9 (1), see you on Monday~