Friday, February 17, 2012

Life of a teacher

After 9 months of long waited time, I finally got my posting letter. I do not know weather it was my luck or the other way round. I was posted to SMK Medamit, Limbang. Out of all my 25 coursemates I got the furthest school.

God did not treat me bad HE sent angels to help me up. I was lucky to have my juniors; Mon Lin and Elsie around in Limbang. With 2 big luggages and a laptop bag, I went to Miri airport and took another transit MASWINGS flight to Limbang. It was my first time taking a Maswings flight. The journey was not that bad. The flight even had a video safety demostration.

Mon Lin and her dad picked me up and I stayed at her nice,huge house for a couple of days. The days cheered me up since her family is a bit like mine. Her parents are blessed with all daughters too. I feel a bit sorry for bothering her family.

On 29th January, I went to have a look and to clean my quarters before I went to report duty. I was surprised to know that the school does not have water supply. It uses gravity feed as water supply. Mind you this school is a bit weird in terms of getting its water. If it rains that means the school would not have water for that particular day. For my case, it rained for 2 weeks almost every evening so I did not get any water for 2 weeks. Thanks to the teachers that already settled down and who stored water and with the help from students I was able to get some water for bathing and cleaning purposes.

Finally, I got my car on 12th February. I drove all the way from Miri-Brunei-Limbang. It was a nice experience to drive at a foreign country. I did passed by Ah Sze's place but couldn't stop to meet her up since there was an uncle following me to Limbang. However, driving a car to Medamit is a tedious thing to do since I will have to play 'hide and seek' with the holes on the roads from Limbang town to school. Eventually, I got myself sick not even a month arriving at Limbang. LOL!

That's all from me. Just want to update this long sleeping blog. Hope that everyone is going fine too!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New year,New Me...

Firstly, let me wish everyone happy new year first. I wish Everyone the best! Just like before I am aging one year again LOL (was giggling in my heart when I wrote this mainly because of what my friend said in our new year conversation about us - 25 years old. Unemployed.Single...Pathetic and she started to LOL...). The beginning of 2012 isn't any different for me but what is different for me is that this year I celebrated it with a bunch of friends instead of family.

I think I have started to adapt to my recent life. I start to have my breakfast,lunch or dinner alone outside. I shop alone. Go and see doctor alone. These and that are things that I would rather do with friends and family once ago. There is something I cannot believe that happens to me too. Approaching the end of 2011,I have eventually built up a habit of waking up early. Is this what people always think of if you are growing older you will wake up early in the morning? >.<

Last, Hello 2012...I wish YOU are a GOOD one :DD