Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New year,New Me...

Firstly, let me wish everyone happy new year first. I wish Everyone the best! Just like before I am aging one year again LOL (was giggling in my heart when I wrote this mainly because of what my friend said in our new year conversation about us - 25 years old. Unemployed.Single...Pathetic and she started to LOL...). The beginning of 2012 isn't any different for me but what is different for me is that this year I celebrated it with a bunch of friends instead of family.

I think I have started to adapt to my recent life. I start to have my breakfast,lunch or dinner alone outside. I shop alone. Go and see doctor alone. These and that are things that I would rather do with friends and family once ago. There is something I cannot believe that happens to me too. Approaching the end of 2011,I have eventually built up a habit of waking up early. Is this what people always think of if you are growing older you will wake up early in the morning? >.<

Last, Hello 2012...I wish YOU are a GOOD one :DD

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