Friday, May 27, 2011

Korea...I love Korea and I miss Korea :)

At BearTree Park

All of us in Korean Traditional Attire, Hanbok

Group picture with Navy Force Mascots at Kyongbok Palace Park

I couldn't sleep so I decided to write a post on our graduation trip to Korea last 2 weeks. Four of us (Ah Sze, Olive, Amara and I) went to Korea and this is the first ever oversea trip that I had ever gone with my friends. We planned to go for this trip since we fell in love with Kpop, Hangul, Korean Culture and etc. It finally came truth started on the day we paid our tour fees to GTT at Bukit Bintang.

The trip was a 8 days 6 nights trip. The trip is really worth it since the package provided us with superb accomodations, foods and tickets of sightseeing places not forgetting the flight tickets to Jeju Island and Incheon.

These are the places that we went to and I place them according to my 10 favourites:

1) Yang Pyung Rail Bike
2) Nanta Theatre Musical Show at Jeju
3) Bear Tree Park

4) Chu Ah Huracle Resort with Hot Spring and Sauna (A shock for us to see naked bodies in the Sauna of cause only women)
5) Everland

6) Sungsan Sunrise Peak

7) Todai Japanese and Korean fusion buffet restaurant

8) MyungDong (cheap shopping streets for clothes, accesories and cosmetics)

9) Dongdaemun

10) Sungeup Folk Village and Horse Riding (Jeju)

There are many more places like the Dragon Head Rock, "Mysterious Road", Sulloc Green Tea Museum, Kyongbok Palace and Presidential Blue house as well as some tourist shopping spots and the Glass Castle.

l learn a lot from this trip especially on Korean people, food and cultures. Koreans are survivors of Japanese Occupation; Koreans eat healthy food (believe it or not they don't really use cooking oil in their food); Korea is a very clean country, koreans are slim (hardly find fat people there); koreans are superb at making dozen types of kimchi (almost every edible things can be made into kimchi including ginseng);Korean students have all sort of trips from graduation trips to field trips (fr kindergarten to university); they are good in IT and etc.

Today is the 7th day since my return to my homeland and I still miss Korea in -ing form although I had spent a lot of money due to impulsive shopping. However, I have to say this is like a dream came true for me and I would definitely go there again!