Friday, February 17, 2012

Life of a teacher

After 9 months of long waited time, I finally got my posting letter. I do not know weather it was my luck or the other way round. I was posted to SMK Medamit, Limbang. Out of all my 25 coursemates I got the furthest school.

God did not treat me bad HE sent angels to help me up. I was lucky to have my juniors; Mon Lin and Elsie around in Limbang. With 2 big luggages and a laptop bag, I went to Miri airport and took another transit MASWINGS flight to Limbang. It was my first time taking a Maswings flight. The journey was not that bad. The flight even had a video safety demostration.

Mon Lin and her dad picked me up and I stayed at her nice,huge house for a couple of days. The days cheered me up since her family is a bit like mine. Her parents are blessed with all daughters too. I feel a bit sorry for bothering her family.

On 29th January, I went to have a look and to clean my quarters before I went to report duty. I was surprised to know that the school does not have water supply. It uses gravity feed as water supply. Mind you this school is a bit weird in terms of getting its water. If it rains that means the school would not have water for that particular day. For my case, it rained for 2 weeks almost every evening so I did not get any water for 2 weeks. Thanks to the teachers that already settled down and who stored water and with the help from students I was able to get some water for bathing and cleaning purposes.

Finally, I got my car on 12th February. I drove all the way from Miri-Brunei-Limbang. It was a nice experience to drive at a foreign country. I did passed by Ah Sze's place but couldn't stop to meet her up since there was an uncle following me to Limbang. However, driving a car to Medamit is a tedious thing to do since I will have to play 'hide and seek' with the holes on the roads from Limbang town to school. Eventually, I got myself sick not even a month arriving at Limbang. LOL!

That's all from me. Just want to update this long sleeping blog. Hope that everyone is going fine too!


  1. Jia you Sarah jie jie =) My gf is very good ho =p

  2. hehe nxt time u come here, let's meet! :)
    Wish u all the best~ U can do it! Go go go~

  3. Cy: yup...luckily I got her here :) Sze Nin: okay, if there is a chance again :) now rented a room in Limbang dy lor...lolz so happy to c clean water :)