Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mixed feelings...复杂的心情

I have mixed feelings today. Today is the 101st day after my maternal grandma passed away. It also marks a big history in my life. My beloved family has migrated to San Francisco, USA. My tears was rolling around my eye balls when I hugged my dad and bade him farewell. It caused my dad to sob too *sorry dad, your useless daughter couldn't control her emotion. I became extremely emotional when we headed to the different boarding gates to catch the different flights. Hopefully everything is okay there and I wish them best of luck.

It was raining cats and dogs today when I reached Bandar Tasik Selatan KTM station and I had this crazy though about putting 10 cent into my piggy bank each day starting by today. So,here goes my 1st 10 cents in the Japanese doll piggy bank. (Haha...mapleandclover mistresses, now I have discovered how to use this piggy bank) full will it be when it reaches the day I go to visit them in US?

Perhaps the rainbow that we saw when we visited our "Popo" is a good sign that was trying to tell us it is good to let them have a try in the new place. I put all my hopes in your hands my Lord.

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