Sunday, March 14, 2010

Haizz...lotsa things to worry about!

How could I do so that ppl wouldn't misunderstand me? and how could I stop offend ppl when I talk wor...Sarah...stop doing all these things lar, u're giving urself extra problems eventhough it was unintentionally @.@...lastly, one line>>>haizz...these problems really drive me crazy!!!


  1. Haiya...mayb u din do anything and ppl jz approach u themselves le...admit that u r very sou huan ying la... :P
    I mau pun sik ada. :S

  2. u wanna try? tt's not d only misunderstanding lar...just had a nightmare though now is not even at night...headache, difficulty in breathing and heartache all come one time T.T

  3. i don undrstand what this is all abt.. @_@