Saturday, March 13, 2010

Many happy returns ^^

Just wanna say that I really enjoyed myself with all the birthday celebrations this week though they were not my birthday celebrations. I really like birthdays simply for this reason>>> there will be charming smiles around me especially the happy smiling faces of the birthday girls and the birthday boys. There are a couple of birthdays this week and now I'm going to mention it one by one =) *of coz only those tt I know plus another birthday on 13th March *which is today! >>>Eli's birthday (a handsome young man from one of our favourite Korean boy bands, U-KISS)

1) My senior, Kim Lin's birthday aka Octopus on 9th March

*btw she was enjoying her food at sushi king in this picture, such a happy girl!

2. Nik's birthday aka my only older brother in the class same as Kim's birthday on 9th March * sorry I don't have his picture*

3. My buddy, Sze Nin's birthday on 10th March

*I like her smile over happy

4) My handsome shuai ge lao do's birthday on 11th March

*Don't you think my daddy is so cute? He was trying to imitate the statue of liberty

Birthday is another indication of your age but this is not so important. What is more important is that birthday also denotes that the MIGHTY ONE has given us a longer journey in life that enables us to stay 'visible' in this world. If somebody celebrates his or her 100th birthday it doesn't mean that "oh my... she or he is so(x3) old instead it simply shows that she or he is once again given a chance to live longer in this world. So this is what I'm going to shout when it reaches my turn to celebrate my birthday this year "Thanks my Lord for giving me another chance to live in this beautiful world!"

P/S: To every birthday girls, boys, men and ladies, I wish you all the best in life and always stay happy like how you were on your birthdays.


  1. U only mentioned Eli bcz u want to prove to us that u like him right? But u nvr said that u like him in the post bo. Dun be so shy lar. :P
    So U-kiss is your fav band too? Including Dongho right? XD

  2. I didn't say i dislike Dongho bo...I'm not Dongho's antifan pun..

  3. by the way? Are u happy u're one of my spotlights in this post Eli pun tak ada pic dia cuma ada 1 sentence nia^^

  4. sry *one of the spotlights not my spolight...muahaha

  5. I thought u would put Eli as the spotlight bo...since u said u like him and not Kyu Jong. ==" Kyu Jong Kyu Jong...pity...

  6. Mana ada lar...Eli where got more important than u song boi? hahaha

  7. i really pity those guys that sarah confessed "I like" Kyu Jong especially.