Sunday, March 7, 2010

What a day... It was out of sync!

What happened to me on Saturday night? I'm still wondering about it... I seldom forget to set my alarm. So this happened today *precisely yesterday coz I forgot now is 1 sth dy, one of my buddies, Ah Sze had to wake me up this morning coz we had to go for Sunday Service... but failed at 1st...I mean she was trying so hard by knocking on my door and even called me but still I was sleeping on my cosy bed like a d*** b***...Well, I was shocked when I found out that I was late after one of my church friend called me around 9.20 am like that with Ah Sze continuosly knocking on my door. So, It had been proven that collaborative method really worked rite? hehehe. Here, I would like to apologise that I caused the late arrival at the church *to whom It may concern if you have a change to pass by here =)

We went to a potential site for our fellowship welcoming camp, STM at Seremban. We also got a chance to visit our friend since her house is just opposite STM. It is not a bad site with all the necessary facilities provided. Later, we enjoyed ourselves at Old Town White Coffee and had our dinner as well as our meeting. Met Wawa and Nad there too! ^^ *managed to escape from the 'hot' situation in my room coz UKM did not have electricity for a couple of hours.

Right now...I'm really thinking what to and how to start my assignments...and I feel like shouting *Arrgh~ so(x2) typical of me and felt really tired of trying my best in doing everthing already T.T. I still got 6 assignments to do if I'm X mistaken...All the best to me and my coursemates...Amen.

Revealing some of the pics for today's activity

Crazy shot in the van

Some parts in STM...not revealing too much about it...keep it as secret...if you want to know plz join the camp * for MUF friends^^

sksn pengsan dy too many things to motivation to study & do assignments. Anyone can help me?

- Bye and Good nite all...Off for bed now...that's all for today-


  1. .....
    The last pic...u r pretending to pengsan right? XD

    P/s: Still got a lot of mistakes in your post. Muahahaha~

  2. Memang pengsan liao...X boleh bernafas...hahaha...Tak apa lar...since It's just a place tat I wanna express my feelings...hahhaha

  3. the last pic is definitely fake =D

  4. memang fake hahaha...coz I knoe wat to put dy...blek XD