Monday, March 29, 2010

MCQs vs T/F questions vs opened vs opened-ended questions in life

Life is difficult but this blur blur girl is still moving on wif her life...she is now very particular wif days...2 months to go and this blur blur girl will stand on the ground strongly and totally depending on herself...but she knows that there are still new things that she is gonna to face, who knows there will be plenty of interesting things waiting ahead for her *turning on positive mode after this~

Don't you think this doll looks like blurblur girl?...smiling but looks a bit blur

Well, blur blur girl thinks that life is like answering MCQ and T/F questions. Sometimes, we are given choices to choose just like answering MCQ though we are given choices but we could only choose one and bear wif the consequences of our choices. There are also times where we are to answer T/F questions when we are judging some statements or some people around us. However, what is different is that we are human , our judgement are often subjective, what is T and what is F is totally depending how we perceive things and sometimes we might overlook and 'mislook'. Now, blur blur girl learnt a lesson whenever she reacts on things she'll try to think in other people's shoes too (*actually this is what she learnt from looking at others' exp). Well, opened - ended questions is when we apply all the W,H techniques... though like answering T/F we might not given a choice but we still can use W, H questions to lead us and move on in life. Guess, blurblur girl is too obssessed with testing that's why she is perceiving life like answering questions XD.

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