Saturday, March 27, 2010

Give Thanks^^

I couldn't sleep after I designed the welcoming poster for MUF. Although I feel so tired,weary, physically and mentally weak that I disliked myself these few days...but this few magical letters really work >>>WWJD? It woke me up from the 'misery'. I really have to give thanks. Why? It is because I'm so grateful that the posting was out on last Monday and surprisingly my wish was granted. My practicum school is same as Wawa's school =).

Alright, here I'll boast a bit about my beloved 4S (Sally, Sharon, Sophia & Sabrina). If you can't stand with me...Plz don't continue reading this post. Well, I'm really thankful that YOU rewarded me with 4 pretty & cute sisters who accompany me since young till now *perhaps YOU noticed that I was such a good girl when I was young? (reckon ppl who will be reading this sure will throw up XD but I really think that I was kind of obedient during those days)

There were a few things that I shared with 4s which are the reminiscences of my childhood.

1. Pretended that we were asleep and waited the babysitter to fell asleep then sneaked to the nearby sundry shop to buy popsicles (still can recall the taste of the popsicle & I like the corn flavor the most yummy yummy^^) *Babysitter still don't know about this XD hiekhiekhiek!

2. Cursing and making promise with each others everytime we got punished by the babysitter that we are going to hang 'Auntie' up on the fan and turn it to the full speed when she is getting older.

3. Laughed out loud when S3 fed S4 cococruch which was actually the lizard's _ _ _ _. YUCKS!

4. Pretended that we were supermen and jumped from one table to another one which eventually got ourselves a few 'Rotan Marks' on our legs...

Can't really remember much but these are a few things that remain in my memory and will still laugh out loud everytime I think of them.

Now, although we are no more like kids. (only S5 is still a kid), I still enjoy your company when we went to sing Karaoke, shopped for clothes and helped each other to look for suitable clothes to buy, camwhoring, baking and cooking. Well, now that we are going to go our separate ways, 大姐will always cares and thinks of u all. So, just try your best over there and will pray hard for your well-being.
Not to forget about my papa and mama too. Love ya!
*feel shocked and happy that suddenly my deary mummy msg and said that she loves me and take care...shy shy (blushing) thankiu,thankiu mummy!


  1. Walau so you were that naughty when you were a kid.... ==
    You r a good big sis. :D

  2. Yup...I were very naughty & always became d master mind 4 every naughty missions brought all the other 13 kids together hahaha then all ended up kena rotan TT

  3. See see wrote was as were dy TT...I'm gonna to be a very bad teacher TT