Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A list to pamper myself

I know it is too early to create this list and exams have not even started yet. In order to get myself some movation and something to look forward to, I have come out with this list for my holiday.
Things to do for my year end holiday :-
1. Compile a book of Korean Cuisine Recipe
2. Try to cook at least one of the Korean dishes
3. Clean and take out all my sister's books on my bookshelf and replace them with my novels
4. Buy Harry Potter 2nd book which I have lost and Mitch Albom's "Tuesday with Morrie"
5. Practise my piano skills (my piano skills are really horrible :S)
6. Clean my sister's wardrobe and replace it with my own clothes (Haha...conquer my sisters' things)
7. Go to eat and explore somemore restaurants in Kuching.
8. Sing K at the Spring
I can only think of these so far. *Not bad...Urm...will look into these again.