Saturday, October 9, 2010

Where is my luck?

Alright, what I can say is that I really do not have the luck this few weeks or perhaps months. Sometimes, I feel that I have taken the wrong course. There are lots of unanswered questions...Why is it we have to take some of the courses? Why is it we got this lecturer though we did not chose her at first? and why is it our hard works eventually turned into bubbles? There are so many whys. All of these make me feel so dissapointed and stressed out, worse still they make me feel like I am not myself anymore. I will easily explode and feel angry. Sorry friends, if I offended you all these few days.
For her (some of you might know who I'm referring to): I really hope that someday you'll realise that what you have done have actually given people troubles, tears and stress.
This is what we can learn on how evil versus good which I read from Mitch Albom's, "Have a little faith":
" the same things in life can be good or evil, depending on what, with free will, we do with them. Speech can bless or curse. Money can save or destroy. Science can heal or kill. Even nature can work for you or against you: fire can warm or burn; water can sustain life or flood it away.
And this is a piece of advice giving indirectly in the book too:
"...and well, why doesn't God jump in? Why doesn't HE eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive? Because, from the beginning, God said, 'I'm gonna put this world into your hands. If I run everything, then that's not you'. So we were created with a piece of divinity inside us, but with this thing called free will, and God watches us everyday, lovingly, praying we will make the right choices."
At this moment, we can only let the Almighty takes charge of our worries and troubles. I really really hope that there will be rainbows after the rains. Let's pray hard for this, my friends...
Teaching Profession
Why is it people always think bad about this profession? I am kind of pissed off when people asked me every time, "Why do you want to enter this profession at first and particular this course which only provides you with qualification in teaching English?" and rolled their eyes. It happened yesterday again when I met my aunt's friend. She continued, "Why don't you chose something like translation then you can teach both languages?". I really felt like telling her, "Do you think we were given a choice to choose?" and "excuse me we aren't that bad at all. At least we're the chosen ones". This is really sick! May be some people that 'belongs' to this profession have bring us shame and disgrace.


  1. sarah, chill k..
    i kn0w what happened..
    jus pray f0r God's helps..
    gud luck!!

  2. Thanks Shafiq :) hopefully everything will be okay after this. We just have to 'tahan' all these for a few couple of months.