Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some uncertainties...

What can I say? I am back. Oh great! Mom told me as we oovoo-ed a couple of days ago that she will be going soon in a couple of months. Why is it have to be so soon? I am not ready about this yet. Not now. I know that people will be thinking must I sound pathetic and helpless but I just can't help. Some people of my age have settled down, some even have gotten themselves married with children. I guess I just can't be like them. Most importantly I am not close to what they are and not attached to any kind of relationship that you can mention. I can't see myself being alone and finding things to occupy myself just to forget all this loneliness. Mind you I am actually kind of scared that I might get comfortable with all this loneliness thingy. This is because I have withnessed quite a lot of lonely people's lives and believe me you are not going to like them. May be majority of them. They are usually dominated and they find themselves hard to tolerate with others and think in other peoples' shoes.

Enough of sad and solemn things. Finally, my buddies and I have settled our tour fees and we had gotten our Malaysian Ringgits changed to Korean Wons. They are pretty cute and colourful. More to Chinese culture I should say. It is nice to have something different in your hands rather than looking at all the 'Agongs' sometimes. We spent a great time together having our steamboat buffet at ShabuOne too. It would be better if I could find the Korean Raddish Pickles that I have been hunting for quite a while. May be can someone kind enough to tell me where to get them? What more I can say? Just have to wait for a few weeks then Woo-hoo~Korea, here I come!


  1. waseh finally.

    Ur mum going so soon? :S

  2. Yup...most probably after I graduate she is going there dy...*swt*

  3. peeking

    there's always a "This image or video has been moved or deleted" @ d centre of ur page, or is it smth wrg wif my laptop? haha

    when r u guys goin to korea? May when? hehe.

    btw; korean raddish pickles? i saw those in giant metrokajang!

    btw 2; if still gt time when i go kch i find u playplay

  4. oh...that is the problem when the admin nvr update for a long time...dun worry about that the sleeping admin is going to remove it :D hehe...really? U saw it there? ok. Thanks will drop by there if gt time but i nvr like Giant at Metrokajang haha:D