Friday, April 29, 2011

The day I came back home :S n :D

I am really frustrated with what I had encountered today at LCCT. I went earlier to the terminal since I wanted to post another small luggage of books back home. So, Sze Nin and I took a taxi and we reached there around 10.45 am. We went to weigh our luggages at an empty counter to avoid overweight. I unpacked and packed my things for a couple of times. *well, I knew this would happen since I'm a shopaholic* Lucky for Sze Nin, her luggages were only 30 kgs, able to cover the weight that we were allow to carry.

Then, I went to a counter to ask about the postage thingy but surprisingly they told me they did not provide any kind of such service as I knew Crystal just posted hers 3 days ago. So, I tried my luck again at the service counter. The lady told me I had to go to the Megastore counter to sort that matter. That was how I ended up at the Megastore which is not Mega at all with only 2 Indian workers attended us in a small booth. Again, the same thing happen they said something about paperwork and registration but I told them the man at the counter said they do not provide any form for cargo service. So, I tried to explain that I had been attended to so many people and all of them asked me to go to another counters and lastly I ended here. He did help me to call somebody but the same thing happened again. He asked me to go to the Cargo Building opposite the terminal or call the building. I remembered Sze Nin tried to explain to one of them about my problem. Thanks dear for helping me up, I knew that you were as impatient as me already at that moment. Come on~ How on earth do u expect me to go there with 2 big luggages and my departure time is in one hour plus? I was really frustrated so I called Crystal for help. Thanks to Crystal and Edmond for trying hard to explain to me about the whole thing. However, I think the lucky lady was not on my side. I tried and tried and tried again at the service counter and the only thing they could say was "Sorry miss I can't help you since I never heard of this before" for almost 5 minutes. Then, I purposely smirked and thank them loudly for that. In the end, I tried out on9 for that thing since I remembered somebody said something about on9 registration but eventually I gave up since I was disconnected upon the submission of the form. I prayed to God for help since I only had 45 minutes more upon departure. So, I took my mom advice just to pay for the fine but in the end I begged the lady at the counter to let me carry the hand luggage which weighed 11.4 kgs and she allowed it. Thank you although I donno you but you are kind enough to help me. It saved me up to RM330. *mind you lkg=RM30 :s

I called Ka Phin to ask whether she needed cash since she said her luggages exceeded 30kgs too but I told her let me passed the bording hall checking first then I would find a way to help her. I passed the checking point since again I pleaded to the fierce-looking man as he instructed me to choose only one of my things. "Sir, can you please let me go this time? This is my last semester here as an university student. Please sir." He was kind enough too to make a pass signal with his hand although he still had the same facial expression. Thank you sir for that :DD Then, I waited 5 minutes for Ka Phin till I heard my name being called "This is the last call for passager Miss...Miss Sarah Kong Sing Ngik, please go to P12 immediately for departure." I decided to wait for Ka Phin in the plane as it was too late already. The flight attendant helped me to put my luggage in the overhead compartment which he described as heavy as rock. He must have wondered how on earth they allowed me to go into the plane with that. I was nervous when they closed the door without Ka Phin so I begged again but they said they couldn't help it as it is their policy to cancel the ticket if the passager did not enter 10 minutes before departure. He was actually concerned about that since he asked again what happen to Ka Phin that made her missed the flight.

I really hope Airasia would improve the cargo service and for my juniors please do not use cargo if possible. It is advisable not to bring too many things to university too if not you will regret on the day u go back. Thanks Ah Sze for accompaning me, thanks all the helpful kind people and may God bless you. As for Ka Phin, I am so sorry about that and hope you understand and most importantly Thank God for helping me and sending all those angels to help me :) Lesson of the day, sometimes we have to put down our dignity for help even plead who knows people are kind to offer their help. At least you tried, never try never know though I am very sorry that they had to break their company policies.

Lastly for those who feel that I am so naggy once you finished reading this. Many apologies :)


  1. lol. such a long post.
    well, this is a great memory for u as this is the flight back home after u've finished ur study. xD
    Am sorry for kaphin too. haiz. :S

  2. just received her msg. She reached home dy :D Thank God!

  3. gosh, what a loooooong nag. hahhaa. famous la u got called at the airport. muahhaha. poor ka phin...