Thursday, April 28, 2011

My last day as UKM student T.T

Today is my last day in UKM and this is my last time blogging as a UKM student. Memories of how I met my friends are still fresh. They were like yesterday. 6 years is not short and it is not too long either as it is imppossible for us to stay together with our friends forever. Well, these are some momeries that I still can recall when I met some of my friends for the first time in Kuching IPBL *I'll only describe the friends as anonymous as I can*shh...

One I met in the toilet where both of us introduced ourselves

One I recognised wrongly as the lecturer of the college since that friend's English proficiency is good

One I talked to the father rather than the friend since the friend was too quiet to talk to

One I recognised as the one that went for the interview with me before

One who is ladylike and wore lacy yellow skirt on the first day we met

One who introduced himself/herself infront of the class on the first day entering the class

One I disliked on the first day

One I recognised as the one who didn't like TESL at all

One whom parents my parents talked to

One who is very keen in dramas

One with very loud and unique laughter

One is very fair

Four with a title "The Fantastic Four" and one wanted to enter the group but was rejected

Some I couldn't recall how I become close to them but I can remember their characteristics. 6 years passed like wind. Now, we have parted and started our own ways. I can't guarantee that we will meet each others next time but we do learn a lot of things as we laughed, fought, cried together. Things like these will always remain in our memories. Something that we can laugh at when we think of in the future. I do hope that we can still talk and laugh together in the future when we see each other again because whenever I met my friends who talked akwardly with me after a long time I felt sad. Wishing all the best to you, my besties, friends,accompanies, MUF friends and other people that I have came across in these 6 years.

PS: Went out with my buddies today and we spent great time trying all sort of foods even at a Thai restaurant. Something that I could think of later XD


  1. hahaha i was mentioned. oops~ xD

  2. owhhhhh :`( i nearly cried reading d post. so touching.
    and my time of parting ways wif my dearest frens is approaching as well. i think i wd cry non-stop wif my frens.

    it's too bad that we come to know each other better in UKM. sometimes God has His way, and maybe this is the way He wants us to know better. but in fact thr r times when i wish i could hv known u guys this well earlier, talk n laugh wif u guys earlier. but hey, God has arranged, and we couldnt say anyth right? :D

    Goodbye my seniors; and may you have d best of luck in ur teaching career. May God Bless You. Lots of love.