Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just take this as new Experience lar...

I just came back from ITS (International Tuition School) with my brain cells level decreases. The purpose of me going there is to go 4 an interview for the 'Teacher Post'. I was shocked to find out that the interview required me to take a written test. OMG~ ITS is really efficient and professional when it comes to these. The test was kind of hard to me since it has been almost half a year I did not come across with the bombastic words other than those I read from novels.

I had a 'nice chat' with the principal just now. Instead of asking me much about my interest in teaching...bla...bla...he asked about my family...my teaching experience in KL and so on...he also describes us as the 'little dots' in BPG eyes >.<

In short, I am not going to expect much from this interview LAR...haish, all this because of the delayed of posting. I am still blur and unsure of what I did just now so I went to Starsbucks to claim my free frappucino by using the free coupon that my mom gave me.


  1. wah had to write essay some more??? @.@
    Wish u all the best. It's either this job or posting! lol :P

  2. short structured answer lar...dun think will gt it he kept on reminding me if the bpg mentions on the date of posting do tell him. Ya rite lar, like i would know about it. Plus, he seems like want to recruit full time teacher more. The paper almost make me puke arr hav to choose 4 bombastic words out of few words to write on. I guessed nia @~@