Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Lately, I have been spending quite a lot of time with my grandpa. I used to think that he was a bit naggy and talkative. Now, I take back my words. I guess he is feeling lonely. The naggy part of him is his way of expressing his loneliness to people around him.

Thanks to the long waited posting I was able to spend some time with our old man. I had this sudden thought yesterday to cook him a meal and chat with him. Without hesitation I did that and it helped me to know my grandpa better.

Grandpa is quite a fussy person particularly on his meal but he finished the food that I brought for him and he ate 2 bowls of rice. I was really happy with that since it has been a while I didn't cook for anyone and I enjoy looking people finished the food happily. I guess it is my fetish towards people's eating habits. Later on I drove him to the sundry shop near by and I laugh at his fussiness in choosing the canned food, biscuits and green tea. I also knew that he is different compared to me cause he likes baked beans. >.<

We spent the 2 hours today talking bout all sort of things including politics and of cause my posting. I never thought that he cared so much about that since I thought old people usually do not care so much about that. I also listened to him on grandma and the way he smiled while talking about her. Now, I noticed that it is not hard at all to interact with elders if you use your heart but not your thinking. So, friends out there cherish your old grandpa(s) and grandma(s) when they are still around:) Lastly, I hope that my grandpa can have a speedy recovery since he just undergone a knee replacement surgery not long ago.

This is out of topic but I want to thank my friends and family members that have been giving me support all this while since my parents left. I am feeling okay now although sometimes I still feel a bit lonely and cannot get use to the quiet house.


  1. ur mum is currently in U.S.? then u must be feeling lonely nw...dun worry..u still hv God 2 accompany u throughout ur ups and downs in life...^^take gud care of urself...God bless ya..

  2. yup=)...she is over there now. Thanks a lot for ur concern ya Hua Chien =)

  3. It's great that u can spend time with ur cute grandpa. :)
    I dun have grandpa(s) and grandma(s) anymore... T.T