Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Preparation to get out from the comfort zone

People always take things for granted and it includes me until Mom was admitted to get her hyteroscopy done *Mom is really brave. This is her 6th general anaesthetic for the price of having 5 daughters and I pity her a lot. Hope that the result will be alright. Today I felt that we had our roles reversed. I was in-charge of the things that got to be done like paying bills and settlement of carloan. I have been living in the comfort zone quite a while till this month only finally I feel a bit like an adult. There was time when I thought how is it to feel like a real adult and finally I get to test it a bit. Getting those bills paid is quite a tedious work and there are so many of them - water, electric, telephone, carloan, road taxes and etc. Phew~ being an adult is hard what else a parent who is responsible as a breadwinner? Guess this is almost the time I have to adapt to these kind of stuffs since I will be officially 'independent' from my parents soon. Hopefully, I am not an unemployed with all those responsibilities if not it would be so doom. I am so proud of myself when I got all the stuffs done especially when I managed to get my toilet flush fixed LOL.

Well, this is quite an out-of-point. 'Migrating' has been an 'allegy' to me these days. It does not bring any good if it ended out that I am the person who have to console them and told them 'It is okay' when people are showing some sympathy towards me. Some people are really busybodies. It irritates me when some called up and started a chat on facebook or MSN *lucky that she managed to find me as I am not a frequent after a long time to ask this and worse still their questions involved my family's properties. Well, it is good to show your concern towards people but sometimes it is just over. However, some of them really show their concern towards me and I thank you for that :)

PS: really miss those good old days at IPBL, UKM and MUF. I have been thinking of my friends lately and I miss them so much. Hope that everyone is doing fine.


  1. U r always like an adult.. can drive ard and do all the house chores... :P
    I miss those good days too. And I have to relive the memories by looking at all the photos and videos. Mustn't lose them. :D

  2. Haish...that one not counted all the things have to settle myself I only know that in order to survive hav to do so many things...all this while at home use all the things nia. All the other settlement things didn't peduli at all "Rumple" tat day very funny...hahaha